Saturday, January 2, 2016

Final Projects

I had so much fun teaching the Koreans in the United States course this past semester at San Francisco State University.  My students were insightful and had a great sense of humor.  For their final projects, I gave them two options for a group project.  The first was to create an academic website on a Korean American topic.  The second option was to create a performance/play based on the experiences of two Korean American women’s families, San Francisco native Gail Whang, and Mary Paik Lee (author of autobiography, Quiet Odyssey).  I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and creativity the students demonstrated through their final projects. I was pleasantly surprised that many students seemed interested in delving further into the issue of transnational adoption and mixed race/heritage.

Below, I’m sharing the students’ final projects because I think that they are awesome, but also because I hope that their research may serve as a resource for others who might be looking for more information on aspects of the Korean American experience.  Please feel free to share and use these students’ projects—just please be sure to give them the credit they deserve!


For those of you who are pedagogues and might be interested in incorporating similar projects into your curricula, below is the website tutorial I put together to guide the students on their assignment: Final Project Website Tutorial


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