Friday, June 26, 2015

The Poo-seum

Rainy day today, so I took the opportunity to wander around the National Folk Museum of Korea at Gyeongbukgung.  I hadn’t been there in several years, so it was nice to revisit the exhibits.  I had a wonderful talk with a senior citizen who was a volunteer translator at the museum.  He told me all about Confucianism, patriarchy, and the twice-monthly mandatory conjugal visits men paid to their wives back in the day.
And then…
I stumbled upon the children’s museum area where the special exhibit, “The Scoop on Poop:  Let’s Explore the World of Poo!”20150626_145251 was set up.  As the opening sign proclaims,
When most people talk about ‘poo,’ they consider it as a dirty and embarrassing topic. but is it just as dirty as they think it is? Poo is an important part of our life cycle and contains the story of life. Through this exhibition, we hope you realize the role poop lays in the ecosystem and rediscover the importance of it, as well as developing more knowledge about the ecosystem from fun and creative stories about poo.
20150626_145231Yup. An entire wing of the museum is an exhibit devoted to cute poo 20150626_145522characters.  There’s the grandpa poo, the poopfly, a round germy-bacteria creature that I assume is beneficial colonic flora, and the main character, the Golden Poo! The Golden Poo is what all other poos long to be.  Some are watery and sticky. Some are hard and nut-like.  Some are soft and mush.  But there is only one Golden Poo, the poo of perfect form and consistency.


Only the most powerful and healthy of bums can make the Golden Poo:

But never fear, ye of weak sphincters!  There is a song and dance to help you learn how to make the coveted Golden Poo!
20150626_145643 20150626_145656

Because it’s geared towards kids (though, really, it’s fun for all ages, isn’t it?), there were lots of interactive displays, including a peasant’s toilet which directly became fodder in the pigpen juxtaposed with the plum blossom toilet of royalty, complete with the royal poo-taster.


Before the invention of toilet paper:

The poo-etry writing station.

20150626_150542And for those who are more inclined toward poo-related art rather than literature, you’re in luck!  You can draw your poo and hang it on a board of bums!

All in all, an educational, informative, and satisfying afternoon well spent!

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