Sunday, June 1, 2014


I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately.  What it means, where it is.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for six years now, in the same house with Amul for five and a half.  Is this home?

Is it Grand Rapids, the Midwestern plains where I rode sure-footed ponies through my adolescence?

Is it Korea? Pusan, where I was born? Seoul where I spent five months in foster care, and the city where I spend the most time when I visit? Geochang, where Halmoni lives, and where Omma was born and raised? Or Ulsan, where she and my sisters live now, a city I have yet to visit?

As my understanding of family changes and grows, I’m finding that so does my definition of home.  It is not restricted by the boundaries of space and place, but more a feeling of belonging.

I still struggle with belongingness, of occupying  various marginalized spaces.  But I’m finding that home for me becomes wherever Amul and our little white dog happen to be.

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