Friday, June 13, 2014

Couple Set

Amul and I have been knocking about town the past few days, and we decided that to really embody the Korean spirit, we needed to do the Korean couple experience. We started our going on a "date" at the jjimjilbang, the Korean public baths and saunas. After several hours of relaxing in various hot pools, healthful saunas, and vigorous exfoliation, we were feeling great (and our skin was so soft! ).

We then went on a fashion shopping spree to accessorize ourselves in the ever-ubiquitous "couple tee"--his and hers matching shirts. We even managed to find matching Team Korea 2014 World's Cup jerseys to wear when we go out to watch Korea's first game on Wednesday morning. And the ahjumma threw in a free pair of "red devil" horns (Team Korea's mascot).
Shopping for some killer deals

We're currently on the KTX, Korea's high speed train, barreling down to Ulsan at 300 km/h to visit Gayoung, Omma, and see the Park sisters' new café, Freedom Station. We stopped by the Lotteria (Korea's version of McDonalds) to pick up snacks, and got heart-shaped snow crab nuggets along with the "Couple Burger Set," which includes 2 sodas, 2 mozzarella cheese sticks, fries to share, a bulgogi burger for him, and the smaller, more delicate and feminine "Lady Burger" for her.  I love how the the value meal really embodies the nuances of our relationship. 
Crab nuggets=LOVE

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