Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Greece Travel Suggestions

Several friends of ours have recently asked us for travel tips for Greece, Italy, and France.  Amul, the gracious and thorough friend his is, compiled a couple e-mails to our friends giving them info. on some of our favorite places.  Below is his Greece travel tips e-mail, which he generously agreed to share on the blog, for anyone else looking to travel to these destinations.


Here are some of our recommendations for Greece:


We actually didn't make it to Oia but I heard great things about it. We stayed in Fira and spent time there and further south on the island Aside from quality beach time check out the following:

1. Santo Wines.  They have great outdoor seating that overlooks the caldera. I think a tasting of 6 wines with cheese was 11 euros, a great deal.  Its best to go later in afternoon to avoid the tour groups.  They are open until sunset and would be a nice place to watch the sunset one evening.  Definately try the Vinsanto (and we would be greatly indebted to you if you have room to bring a bottle of Vinsanto back for us!  We didn't buy one because it was just the 3rd day of 21 days of travel and we weren't sure if we wanted to lug it all around Europe. We now regret that decision.)

2. Ancient Akrotiri was pretty cool. Its a city that was covered in volcanic ash thousands of years ago (like Pompeii) and is an active archaeological site. 

3. Some of our favorite restaurants in Fira:

O Souvlaros: no view, no fancy setup, but amazing home cooked food (the daughter is the server, the mom is the cook).  You will not be disappointed. The Meatballs and the eggplant saganaki were the stars.

Fanari Restaraunt: great view, great food!


We didn't spend much time here but we really liked it.  Definitely go to Delos one day.  Other than that go get drinks in little venice while the sun sets (they are expensive though, 12 euros a pop!).  


Aside from the acropolis:

1. We really liked the old Olympic stadium. Its worth the money to actually go inside and see it in person. They have free audio guides and there is a hidden exhibit (walk up the athlete's tunnel) that has all the modern Olympic torches. You can even run on the track.

2. Check out the acropolis museum if you need a break from the sun.

3. Our favorite restaurant we went to:

Have a good trip!


And bonus, Amul’s made a “best-of” photo album of our trip that you can check out here:

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