Monday, June 10, 2013


Welp, wonderful Amul stayed up till almost one in the morning trying to figure out how to get us to Paris. On a related note, Iberian Air's customer service sucks. As in, it's nonexistent. 

But Air Berlin has come through for us, sort of. I'll be spending the day driving to Florence and then flying from there to a layover in Vienna and then to Paris instead of hanging out with the Icelandic horses who live at our agroturismo farm and wandering the alleys of San Gimignano, but this will get us to Paris at roughly the same time our previous plans would have. 

Our other options were a little ridiculous. Apparently there are no other direct flights from Florence to Paris. So we could have waited to see what Iberian's solution was, which we predict probably was to stay another day or two here in Tuscany, which wouldn't be so bad, but then we'd have to pay out of pocket for another night's lodging here and another day of car rental, to then grab a red-eye (with layovers), which would get us to Paris maybe by the 13th (we leave for home on the 15th).  Or we could wake up early, drive to Florence to grab a 3-4 hour train back to Rome and hope to catch a flight from there. Or pay $1100 each for a Florence-Rome-Paris flight route.

Our tickets on Air Berlin are $350 each--rather steep, but we both agreed it was worth it to cut the hassle of the other options, where the risk of missing a connection were much greater. Plus, we'll be reimbursed by Iberian for the cost of our original ticket, and we won't have to pay for additional nights of lodging or car rental.  Air Berlin will get us to Paris at 8pm (our original time of arrival was 8:30), which will give us enough time to get us to our rental apartment before I turn into a pumpkin. Or a werewolf. I'm not sure which. And we'll still have the same number of days in France before we head home. 

Many kudos to Amul who spent several hours trying to get ahold of Iberian and then searching online for alternative solutions. I was rather incapacitated after an afternoon of wine tasting in Chianti. If this is the worst hiccough in our three weeks of traveling through over seven cities across Europe, I count this honeymoon as a great success. 

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