Sunday, May 26, 2013


We’ve arrived in Athens, travel-weary but triumphant.  Landed around 6pm local time, took the train into the city, and checked into our hotel.  A few blocks away from the Acropolis, we’ve got an excellent view.  Though we’re both exhausted, we decided to wander around a bit, and found one of the main tourist thoroughfares getting geared up for the evening crowd.  As we were wandering the winding cobbled streets, even here, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” blared from the balcony of some villa—the Korean Wave is worldwide!

IMG_1652  IMG_1651

Grabbed a couple fast food souvlaki pita wraps for a midnight snack with some “FIX” beer (would not necessarily recommend—barely any fizz, was like drinking flat beer) and oregano-flavored Lay’s potato chips (pretty good!) and headed back to our hotel room.  We’re about ready to crash now, after over 24 hours straight with no sleep.  I think tomorrow we’re planning on wandering around the acropolis, maybe check out the local open air market.


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