Friday, August 31, 2012

Matron of Honor Wedding Speech

I’ve had a few requests for the transcript of the toast I made at my sister Erica’s wedding reception this past July.  So here’s a pieced-together version of it, which I transcribed from my tear-stained notes scribbled on the back of my wedding program:

Growing up in our family, there was love and there was laughter. From dressing our little brothers up in pink frilly tutus to epic family games of bocce Up North at the lake, laughter and love have always surrounded us.

For those of you who know Erica well, you know that when something is really hilarious, she’ll laugh really low from deep in her belly—*huh-huh*.  Then she crosses her legs like she might have an accident from laughing to hard.

I knew Brian was the one for Erica when he was over at our house one night and I heard Erica’s *huh-huh* laugh coming from the other room. I knew that if Brian loved Erica enough to elicit the big belly laugh from her, he was worth keeping around.

Thank you, Brian. Thank you for making my little sister so ecstatically happy, for loving her and making her laugh. For being silly enough with her to sometimes almost make her wet her pants.

I’m known as the nerdy one in the family, and one of the most important things I’ve learned in all my studies of society, cultures, and people, is that FAMILY is the most important unit of society. I’ve learned that families come in all shapes and sizes, and aren’t necessarily bound by blood or DNA, but are built on love and laughter.

Erica and Brian, congratulations on becoming a family. And as the two of you explore what it means to be a family, remember that you have people all over the world who love you, from Michigan to California, to Chicago, Montana, and Florida, and even as far as Korea, India, and Africa. Your marriage has built a family in exponential proportions, as we are all bound to you through love.

So on behalf of family far and wide, I wish the two of you an infinite amount of laughter, joy, and love in your lives.