Monday, October 24, 2011

“We’re a Culture, Not a Costume”

A great PSA campaign by an Ohio University student group called Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS).




  1. This is GREAT. I've always felt like it was wrong for companies and people to promote so much racism through costume. Seeing kids running around as "Alladin" or adults as "beaners," "blacks," etc.

    -J. DM

  2. I love Holloween, but let's just stick with ghouls and ghosts only please.

    Andrew Chen - AAS 380 Fall 2011 SFSU

  3. My name is Steven Chong from Professor Yoo's Korean American class. These pictures accurately describe the stereotypical portrayal of Asians and other minority groups by mainstream media in the U.S. These condescending images of minorities perpetuate the ignorance of cultural diversity and promote shame in the groups that are disparaged. So aggravating.

  4. Hello, I would like to raise my opinion and questions. First of all I don't get the pictures and second why is it call racism?

    in my opinion, people portrait citizen of one country according to what they see or the impact of that country. like in Japan is famous of Kabuki, Muslims are known for their Dress code and so on. I think it is not actually racism if they are recognized by it. Its just that, its what other country saw in them. It would be a BAD racism if they are being compared on which is good or bad.

    Sig: Andrew | stethoscopes

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