Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Photos!

A small sample of the 2137 photos our photographers took that highlight the evening:

Picasa Wedding Album


  1. Hi~My name is Ji Eun (Ellie) who is a student at SFSU.
    I came here since Dr. Yoo ,who is a professor of Asian American Studies at SFSU, recommended to visit here.
    Wow~!!! Your wedding photos are so~~~~~~beautiful!!!=)I loved them.
    Especially, I was so impressed by the photo that you are dancing with your father. I could see how much your father loves you.=) Also, It reminds me of my father in South Korea.=) Anyway, congratulation to your wedding!!=)

  2. I'm Andrew Chen, a student at SFSU and Professor Grace Yoo. I think sharing your wedding photos are great. Is the Jujube kiss a tradition from the groom's side? I thought it was from the groom's side. Were you surprised by his traditional wedding games? What are some wedding games from your culture that you know of? I also want to say, congrats on your wedding.

  3. I'm Alex Chong from Professor Yoo's Korean American class at SFSU. Did you have to adopt your husband's religion in order to marry him? I ask this because a friend of mine who is Korean and adopted by a Jewish family was mandated by his father to marry a Jewish girl. When I pointed out that his girlfriend was Christian, he told me that she had to convert to Judaism if their relationship was to get serious.