Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sick Puppy

DSCN2490Never let it be said that my dog doesn’t have impeccable taste.  She accompanies us to Wine Country, and we have our favorite restaurants where Olivia can join us as we dine.  Amul and I do a lot of cooking, and Olivia’s always our helpful Sous Chef.  She’s helped us make homemade pasta, lobster, stuffed mushrooms, Oysters Rockefeller…  Like any good assistant, Liv gets to sample what she helped create.

This weekend, though, Olivia decided to take matters into her own paws.  Amul, Rahul, and I visited our favorite gourmet grocery store in San Mateo on Thursday evening.  We picked up a few bottles of wine and a container of our favorite Spanish almonds.  Somehow, the almonds didn’t get put away, and got left out on our dining room table.  Friday afternoon while Amul and I were at work, Olivia took advantage of our oversight and ate the entire container of almonds.  Mind you, these are no ordinary almonds.  These are gourmet Spanish almonds seasoned with sea salt.  These are $25 a pound almonds.

Amul came home Friday evening from work to a puppy that had a very very full bladder. When Amul DSCN2486returned from taking Liv out for a potty break, he found out why.  Liv had eaten all the almonds, but the salt had made her really thirsty.

I reckon Olivia’s regretted her decision to indulge after two days of vomiting up a stomach full of almonds.  Though I doubt she’ll remember this lesson in moderation the next time we leave something yummy out…

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