Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We took in Korea's most popular and longest running theatrical show. Its called Nanta. It's the story of 3 chefs in a restaurant that need to meet a tight deadline for the night's dinner. On top of that the Maitre d' brings in his nephew to train in the kitchen. It's a musical comedy with no words.

The actors and actresses perform everything in rythem from chopping veggies to mixing foods. Think of the show "Stomp" but it takes place in a kitchen and knives are flying all over the place!

A couple videos (not by us) give you a glimpse of the show. If you find yourself in Korea you should try to see it; it' a fun evening.

The knife skills of the actors on display (this is actually at some trade show or event and not in the actual theater):

Traditional Korean drumming mixed with modern performance by Nanta:

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