Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Street Food Adventures

Deep-fried chapchae hot pockets

“Ddong Ppang” (Poop Bread)

Warm, delicious pastries with red bean filling, in the shape of a poopie.  I love the illustrated poopie lifecycle.  The character on the bag is from a Korean cartoon called “Dalki” (Strawberry).  His name is “Dong Chimee.” From Wikipedia:
Dongchimee is a stranger who lives separate from the others. Basically he is a big, yellow man who loves poop. He thinks it is so great that he collects it, makes art from it, and even keeps it on his head at all times. "Ddong" is Korean for "poop" and "chimee" may mean poke or stick. This probably refers to the Korean prank of ddongchim - severe poking in the delicate derriere area.

  On the package, it says, “Ddong Chimee makes yummy poop bread!”


Ohh, so good, once it hits your lips!


Oops, my poopie poopied.


French Fry Dog

It’s like a corn dog.  But oh-so-much-more!  The ahjuma takes a hotdog and sticks it through with a chopstick.  Then she dips the meat-on-a-stick in a thick batter.  And you’d think that stopping there and deep frying it would be awesome.  But wait! There’s more!  She then rolls the battered dog in chopped-up crinkle-cut fries.  Only then, does she deep-fry it.  Once ordered, she sends it off with a generous garnish of ketchup.  Ain’t she a beaut?



Ya gotta show that dog who’s boss!103_0085