Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seoul: The Soul of Asia

Apparently that’s the new slogan for Korea tourism.  Wandered around Namdaemun today.  My strategy when exploring Seoul is this:

  • Begin with a target destination
  • Attempt to get there via Metro
  • Once I’m within the general vicinity, I wander aimlessly for hours
  • When my feet get tired, I find a main road and walk until I find a subway station.
  • Once I find a station, I figure out where I am, and how to get back to Koroot.

It seems to work pretty well for me, though I’m not sure I would recommend this approach to everyone.  A downside is that when I find a cool place, chances are, I’ll never be able to find it again.  In 2007, I found this awesome wholesale pet clothing store, and I’ve always searched for it on my subsequent trips to no avail.