Saturday, October 9, 2010


Koroot’s resident pup, Soju.  Apparently, a French adoptee brought Soju with him from France when he came to live in Seoul.  Now I guess he’s in Africa, so the adoptee guesthouse adopted him.  I think Soju understands commands in French, English, and Korean.  He likes to walk himself, like Lily.


A little terrier sunning himself in the little Animal Hospital that I walk past on the way to the subway.  Reminded me of Livvy…


A carriage horse (really a pony) waiting patiently to give rides to tourists in a cart that’s lit up in rainbow neon LED lights and an audio speaker that “NEIGHS” obnoxiously every 30 feet.



  1. Kevin - My dog does the same thing as the little terrier. She likes to lay in the backyard when it's sunny and just lay there for a long time. She looks so relaxed

  2. Wow that's one multilingual pup! My puppy just became aware what his name is XD