Friday, October 15, 2010

¿Como se dice?

Last Friday, less than a day after meeting me, my sister, Gayoung invited me to her university for the day.  She is a graduate student at Kyung Hee University in Pan-Pacific International Studies.  Friday she had Spanish class, and I got to tag along.  All morning on the bus ride to campus, she was memorizing a dialogue that all the students had to present in front of the class.  The gist of it went like this:

Juan:  This is my house. it is on prim street, number 15.
Carmen:  It's very large!
Juan: Yes, it's very large, but it's old.  In front, there's a garden.
Carmen:  Are there many trees in the garden?
Juan:  No, only 2. But there are many flowers.
Carmen:  What is that over there?
Juan:  Over there is the garage.  And there, the swimming pool.
Carmen:  And over there?
Juan:  Over there is the dog house.
Carmen:  Is the rent very expensive?
Juan:  No, only 1000 Euro a month.
Carmen:  What a bargain!

Once we got to campus, I offered to rehearse it with her.  My high school Spanish actually came in handy!  I was able to break down a few words for her, which helped her with her memorization.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun.  Only six months after finishing, and I miss attending classes already!  It was nice to be back in the university environment.  Gayoung and her friend performed their skit beautifully:

And as it turned out, one student’s partner didn’t show up for class that day, so the professor asked if I would sub-in and read the dialogue with the student in front of the class.

The rest of the students in the class were apparently intrigued by my appearance in their class.  My English skills impressed them, but also, my knowledge of Spanish during the professor’s lecture.  ¡Gracias, Senora Dykgraaf!  Huh, too bad my Korean leaves something to be desired…


  1. It is cool that both you and your sister Gayoung have things in common, such as knowing Spanish.

  2. It looks like you had an interesting day~!