Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fan Dance, Food Dance

Happiness at the Armenian Food Festival this past weekend.  Delicious food.  Loud music, jitterbugging Armenian grandmas, and more unibrows per square foot than you care to think about.

Olivia also enjoyed a special treat this weekend.  We hiked around Bernal Hill as we usually do, and then stopped at Mitchell's Ice Cream on the way home because the line outside was so short, and we figured we should take advantage of it.  Mmm, ice cream for lunch!  Liv got ube flavored ice cream--purple sweet potato.  She love sweet potato, and she loves ice cream, so this was the ultimate yahtzee for her.  She licked away and ended up with a lavender-colored ice cream beard.

As the Youth Programs Coordinator at KAWAWA, I've gotten to attend the first couple sessions of the Korean Drum and Dance Afterschool Program.  Our dance and drum instructor, Ilhyun Kim, is so great with the little girls.

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