Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you.

It is summertime warm today, and the dog is flopped in the sunshine, a grin on her face as she pants merrily. It's so peculiar, to feel content like this.  I have my grandmother's ring on my finger, and my best friend at my side. I am doing work that is meaningful, that I am passionate about, and I'm good at it.  In a month, I will return home, to meet the woman who gave me life, to share my origins with the man who has become my destination.

There is this giddiness within my breast, this excitement of all the possibilities out there. I catch a glimpse of myself in storefront windows as I walk through the neighborhood on my way to work, and I'm smiling.

And I realize that I've finally happened upon it, managed to fill an emptiness within.  I have somewhere to belong.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ooh, sparkly...

This past weekend, Amul took Olivia and me up to wine country, to our favorite little town of Healdsburg.  We went on a dog-friendly canoe/kayak trip with Liv (where she fell in the water multiple times), and then went to our favorite restaurant in Healdsburg, A Divine Affair. Amul had booked reservations earlier so that Olivia could join us for dinner in the restaurant's outdoor seating. Coincidentally, the post office and bank across the street from the restaurant caught fire a couple hours before our reservation, and a waitstaff called in sick, so they closed off outdoor seating to everyone. However, as we had made previous arrangements and were bringing Liv with us, they honored our reservations. So we got the whole back patio to ourselves. After some good food and great wine, Amul proposed! I've never been a jewelry girl, but I have to admit, I catch myself gazing at my grandmother's ring on my left hand quite often these days. :)